Looking for the latest SEO news that matter to you? Alpha SEO Plus got you covered. Bing has announced that its team is working to improving the efficiency of its web crawler. The primary goal of this improvement is to ensure that the crawler does not miss new content and at the same time overload web servers.

Responding to User Feedback

This update is a follow up to Fabrice Canel talk at the SMX Advanced conference held in June this year. Fabrice is the current principal program manager for Bing Webmaster Tools. During the meeting, Fabrice announced that the company had started a 18-month program aimed to improve the functionality of BingBot.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday this week, Canel said that the team had made numerous improvements to the web crawler based on the feedback provided by the SMX Advanced audience. He also went ahead to state that the company will continue to share details of the improvements done on crawler in the new BingBot series.

What’s the Goal of BingBot?

Many seo news outlets have noted that the primary objective of BingBot is to make use of a next generation algorithm to determine which website to crawl. The algorithm will also help Bingbot to determine how often a particular site should be crawled and the number of pages to be fetched from each website.

In a bid to avoid overloading the servers, BingBot will limit its crawl footprint on the websites and at the same time ensure that the content it indexes is as fresh as possible. As noted by Canel, Bing strives to strike a balance by improving its crawl efficiency.

Why You Should Care About This Improvement

First, it is important to appreciate that Bing is taking into considerations the feedback from the SEO community and webmaster. The Webmaster Tools team is busy fine-tuning Bingbot to make sure that it does not overload your website servers. The improvements will enable it identify and craw new content faster and more efficiently.

It is also important to note that Bing recently decided to shut down anonymous submit URL tool. We have also seen numerous reports from SEO news website that this search engine no longer accepts URL submission requests even those that submitted using Bing Webmaster Tools.

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