Featured snippet redefined online marketing sphere by enabling businesses to offer more information about their products and services to the target audience. Early this year Google started testing and rolling our multifaceted featured snippets in mobile search results. The decision was informed by the fact that over 80% of internet user access the internet using smartphones and other internet-enabled mobile devices.

What Are Google Multifaceted Featured Snippets?

Multifaceted featured snippets will be displayed on your SERPs for queries that are sufficiently broad enough to allow more than one interpretation for what users submit. The Google search results will not include more than one featured snippet. The search results will comprise more than one featured snippet. The original query will be rewritten the Google algorithm automatically. The results displayed in the multifaceted snippet will resonate with the new questions.

Reason Why Google Displays Multifaceted Featured Snippets

First, it is important to point out that not all queries used by internet users to look up information on Google are explicit. Therefore, displaying a single answer to a question that is unclear and can have more than one clue can be dangerous. To solve this problem, Google will present two solutions to help the searcher understand the query well.

Here is a screenshot to help you understand how multifaceted featured snippets will appear on mobile.


Why Google Multifaceted Featured Snippets Matter

Showing up in a featured snippet section is a significant win for a website. The snippet will give the target audience most of the information they need to know about a product or business even before they click to visit the main website. This will, in turn, result in more traffic to the site from organic search results.

However, if Google starts showing multiple featured snippets in one single search results page, the amount traffic that you get will change. So, keep an eye on how the featured snippets change and appear on mobile and desktop then adjust your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

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