How do I create a successful WordPress ecommerce website? This is one question that is likely to linger in your mind as you make forays into this profitable niche. Building an e-commerce website is not as difficult as you may think.

Here are 9 easy and actionable steps that you can use to build a successful e-commerce website for your brand.

1. Search for Your Preferred Domain Name

You should find the most suitable domain name that you can grab. The process of creating and optimizing an e-commerce website can be easier is you ensure that the domain that you want is available from the start.

You can use Namecheap to not only to check the available domains but also to register your preferred domain name. In case you end up using Shopify to purchase your domain, have the entire domain configured.

WordPress ecommerce website

2. Start a Free Shopify Trial

Once you have grabbed the most relevant domain for your business, you should embark on Shopify’s 14-day free trial. You may wonder why Shopify is recommended bearing in mind that there are dozens of other e-commerce site builders.

Well, very few e-commerce site builders can match what Shopify can offer. The builder has lots of added functionality, which makes it easy for you to scale your site as your business grows.

The 14-day free trial period will give you ample time to have your website built and launched. To prevent any lapses, ensure that the store goes live by the time the trial period ends. This will ensure that you start making money once you begin paying for Shopify.

3. Get Your Domain

Once your Shopify store is created, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab the domain that you spotted earlier. It is advisable to purchase your domain via Shopify since you will find a domains section, which allows you to search for a particular domain.

.com domains are available on Shopify for 18.94 SGD per year. This is slightly higher than the 13.53 SGD that other domain registers will charge you. Nonetheless, purchasing your domain via Shopify saves you a lot of time and effort when setting up your e-commerce website.

WordPress ecommerce website

4. Choose Your Theme

The theme that you choose for your WordPress ecommerce website determines how the store will appear. A theme helps you brand yourself using your site. When using Shopify as your e-commerce website builder, you can change the appearance of your website without necessarily having to transfer off Shopify. You will only need to change the theme.

5. Create Your Product Pages

Arguably, this is where you will need to spend most of your time. Product pages can have a significant impact on the number of website visitors that end up getting converted into customers. This is one of the crucial components of your e-commerce business that you control.

You should choose product names that are distinctive, easy to memorize, and instantly communicate the benefits of using those products. You should also have a product description, which can be one or two paragraphs that describe your products.

Product photos also need to be included since they give shoppers a glimpse of what you are offering them. To capture their attention, ensure that high-quality pictures accompany your products.

6. Create Your WordPress Ecommerce Website Pages

Once you finish creating your product pages, you should create the homepage and about page of your e-commerce website. When creating your homepage, the easiest way to attract buyers is featuring some of your popular products alongside giant photos as well as CTAs. Rotate the products frequently so that only the most popular products get featured on the homepage.

After landing on your homepage, users are likely to proceed to the “About” page so that they learn more about who you are and what you are doing. Therefore, this section of the website offers you the perfect opportunity to tell the audience your story as well as convince them to buy from you. To appeal to potential buyers, ensure that you are authentic.

Your website also needs a Contact page. This section provides your address, phone number, and contact forms that people can use to reach out to you. The page should be simple and without any distractive elements.

7. Set Up Your Payments

The essence of having a WordPress ecommerce website is to provide a platform where users can quickly shop and pay for those products. Therefore, your site needs to get linked to major payment platforms such as PayPal. Likewise, you also need to provide your bank account info so that money can get transferred to you when shoppers buy from your store.

WordPress ecommerce website

WordPress ecommerce website

8. Get an SSL Certificate

You can earn an extra income by having an SSL certificate. This is a requirement for e-commerce websites. It proves that your site is secure and that it can handle private information including payment info and email addresses.

WordPress ecommerce website

Shopify provides a free advanced SSL certificate for those who use it to create their e-commerce websites. To get advanced SSL certificates from other sources, you will have to pay between 200 SGD and 1600 SGD annually depending on the package that you choose.

9. Launch Your WordPress E-commerce Website

Once you ascertain that everything is in place, your website is ready to go live. During the process of creating your store, it will be privacy protected, and therefore, no one will see it until you launch it.

When the password protection gets removed, shoppers can access your store without being required to enter a password. On Shopify, you are likely to launch your site towards the end of the 14-day free trial. Therefore, you will be asked to choose one of the site builder paid plans.


With more people embracing shopping online, it is time you built a WordPress e-commerce website for your company. Nonetheless, the buck does not stop with creating a website. Once the site gets launched, you should find ways of growing its traffic besides improving current products. The more you fine-tune your website, the better your business will get.

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