One of the major milestones in your digital marketing efforts is to get people to link to your site. Singapore is one of most populated nations. It is also one of the countries with very good internet connectivity. There are millions of users who search for services online and when they do, you want them to find you. As a business, you need several websites to link to your site so that you can rank highly on search engines. If this is not happening, then there’s a problem. Here’s why no one is linking to your site.

Your business or website is brand new

Businesses that have been in operation for longer have built trust. There are sites that will check how long you have been in the business. Suffice is to say, links is something you need to earn. Remember that linking to a business is ideally vouching for it. As a new business, you should foster trust and invest in an online presence so that people and websites can make the commitment to link to your website.

You have no contact information

In an age where there are millions of fly-by-night companies, failing to provide ample contact information can create suspicions. Your business phone number, email address, physical address and a map to your business shows that your business is credible. Having contact information is one of the basic ways of establishing trust. People will not want to associate with a site that they are not too sure exists. Ensure that your contact information is visible to all.

Your site only has one page

A one page site is usually a red flag. You cannot establish trust with your customers or other websites if you only have one page. Whether you are starting out or are already established, you need to offer your readers content and information to digest. Your site should not only be educational, it should have information to get readers excited and glued. A blog is a great way to add pages to your site. If you cannot write the blog, outsource blogging and SEO services.

Your website content is too salesy

While the objective of any website to generate sales leads, you should not be too salesy. One of the ways to oversell your site is to stuff keywords. All keywords need to well optimised. They should also be used in a natural way. Websites that are too salesy always appear as fake. This is why it is important to enlist the services of digital and SEO markets. They will help you create content that is not overly-promotional. Professionalism is critical if you want to build trust that will prompt other websites to link to you.

Your site is too slow

There are millions of websites competing for market share. If your site takes too long to load, you will lose potential customers. In a fast paced world, internet users do not have the luxury of time to wait for your site to load. Monitor the loading speeds and take measures to reduce the load time. Check for unnecessary codes and images and files that are too large. Your site could be turning away customers and potential links.

You are not linking to others

If all the links on your site lead to internal pages, then this does not inspire people to link to you as well. This is also an indicator that you do not support others. In order to get links to your site, you need to extend the same courtesy to others. This will demonstrate that you are a friendly web citizen.

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