There are dozens of steps that you must make before you start online store. Likewise, there are a bunch of questions whose answers you must find; what tool will you use to build your store? What name should you give your business, and how do you get a suitable domain? How do you handle tax-related issues? The list seems endless.

All these are weighty decisions. Nonetheless, when starting an online store, one thing that matters the most is getting your first sale. The marketing efforts that you put in place will determine how much money you will make from your website.

Having the right marketing strategy is a step in the right direction since it helps everything else to fall into place. Similarly, if you either implement a wrong marketing strategy or neglect what you have, your online store could end up selling nothing.

Before you open the store, you need to find a solid marketing strategy that will yield both short-term and long-term benefits for your business. Often, online stores use paid marketing, SEO, or platform marketing to reach out to potential clients. It is crucial that you understand how each of these strategies work.

SEO for Online Stores

This marketing strategy is hinged on one crucial thing; finding the right keywords for the products that you are offering on your store. After that, you work to ensure that your site ranks in Google search results due to those keywords.

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Once you get SEO to work for you, the online store will be profitable. SEO has several benefits and is ideal for small businesses in the following ways.

  • Its traffic streams are dependable. Therefore, your business is guaranteed a reliable revenue stream.
  • Search traffic typically has a high volume of traffic, which exceeds that of other traffic sources.
  • Search traffic can be profitable even at scale.

Dependability, profitability, and high volume of traffic are definitely what everyone who start online store wants. Nonetheless, there is one major shortcoming; SEO takes significant time besides requiring a lot of effort.

Even if you pursue a product category that doesn’t have any competitors, it can take up to 3-6 months for your website to appear on either the first or second page of search engine results for a particular keyword.

As a result, your traffic volume is likely to be marginal until your page gets into the first three pages of search engine results. If the category that your online store belongs is competitive, it will take more time for you to achieve the desired results with SEO.

If you still choose to market your online store through SEO, there are three pertinent things that you should focus on. These are, optimizing your product pages for keywords, creating engaging and useful content for your non-product keywords so that product pages rank, and having good content that people can link to as a resource.

Two crucial things matter when it comes to search engine optimisation. These are links and content. Therefore, you should spend a significant amount of your time ensuring that you have high-quality content and that your site is linked back to as a resource.

Paid Marketing For Online Stores

Many online stores have done exceptionally well thanks to paid marketing. However, paid marketing will only be an excellent option if your products are the type that people can find in a mall.

At the moment, Instagram and Facebook are the biggest paid marketing platforms. The former in particular has become an increasingly popular option for online stores. You should think of what goes on in the mind of individuals who are scrolling through an Instagram or Facebook feed.

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You are likely to find them relaxing while going through the photos, laughing at a few, and leaving messages for their friends. This is similar to what people for when they go shopping in malls. Often, shoppers look for a specific item. Others visit malls to enjoy themselves.

Products that tend to sell effectively in malls are also likely to do well in paid Facebook or Instagram ads. These are typically consumer products that are highly visual and eye-catching. This is why apparel companies are popular both in malls and on these channels.

Paid marketing similarly works effectively for products that are easy to understand, and those that gave a price point that impulse buyers won’t mind. Once your product meets these criteria, do not hesitate to take the paid marketing route.

The main downside as far as paid marketing is concerned is the fact that you need to invest a significant amount of money in ads upfront. There’s never a guarantee that you will have a return on investment.

Platform Marketing When You Start Online Store

This marketing strategy is different from paid marketing and SEO. Rather than choosing to start online store and using a particular marketing strategy to acquire traffic, you will leverage one of the major e-commerce platforms to sell your products.

Amazon, Etsy, and eBay are the most widely-used platform marketing channels. Of the three, Amazon is the most recommended since it has a broader audience. Besides this, the online store has limitless product categories.

If you are marketing an online business that does a craft business such as making bookends for sale, Etsy will be the perfect fit for you. eBay is great if your business involves buying and reselling of products.

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To undertake platform marketing, you must first create a store on the platform that you have chosen. Thereafter, you will need to list all products that you sell. You may also need to optimise your store and to get 5-star reviews for your products so that targeted buyers can find you whenever they do search.


To ensure that your online store drives sales in 2019, you should only pick choose a suitable marketing strategy. Thereafter, build your business around it. As you start online store, more marketing doesn’t necessarily translate to more sales. Nonetheless, smart marketing on one marketing channel can help you unlock your target market.

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