Bings Says its Improving Web Crawler Efficiency

Looking for the latest SEO news that matter to you? Alpha SEO Plus got you covered. Bing has announced that its team is working to improving the efficiency of its web crawler. The primary goal of this improvement is to ensure that the crawler does not miss new content and at the same time overload […]

Top 7 SEO Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Creating Mobile Pages

Singapore has some of the best website developers across the globe. However, they fall victim to certain mistakes that affect optimisation of mobile pages. This, in turn, affects the quality and the user experience of the mobile pages. This article addresses these concerns and helps you produce quality mobile pages for your site. 1. Using […]

Reasons Why No One is Linking to Your Site

One of the major milestones in your digital marketing efforts is to get people to link to your site. Singapore is one of most populated nations. It is also one of the countries with very good internet connectivity. There are millions of users who search for services online and when they do, you want them […]

How to Get Other Websites to Link to Yours

Link building is one of the best ways to build the credibility of your site, drive traffic and stay in-sync with search engine requirements. Internal links are the easier part, but when it comes to getting other sites to link out to your website, it can be quite challenging. Even though the intention here is […]

How does Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) Affect SEO?

Before the launch of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP, in 2015, content loading on mobile sites was slow. AMP was introduced to help remedy this shortcoming. Since then, Google requires AMP as the standard for advertisers in a bid to improve the user experience. Understanding AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source platform […]

9 Best practices for Image Alt Texts

Alt text (alternative texts) or alt tags are used on images. They describe the appearance and function of an image on any page. Alt texts are referred to in some quarters as alt descriptions or alt attributes. A well-written alt tag is important and with good reason. 1. Image SEO Alt texts help search crawlers […]

5 Ways to Maximise Pay-Per-Click Impressions

In the current highly digitalised world, you need to have robust marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. The first step to achieving this goal is hiring a team of professionals who have a deep understanding of the various digital marketing strategies. The second step is creating campaigns, implementing, and monitoring them to be […]

5 ways to optimize content for Google Featured Snippet Box

In the recent past, Google has refined how it displays results to users, and the notable change has been the featured snippet boxes it displays before the search results. A featured snippet box appears when users input a question-based query in the search bar. The snippet displays content from one of the pages ranking high […]

4 Things You Must Know About SEO for Your E-Commerce Shop in Singapore

Despite being a young economy, Singapore ranks among the fastest adopters of online shopping. According to a survey conducted by PwC, 38 per cent of the population makes purchases via their smart phones. This percentage is higher compared to the global average. It is now up to e-commerce business owners to tap into this potential. […]

5 Actionable Ways to Improve Google Places Page Ranking

Google Places is basically the information that the search engine receives and relies on when listing businesses based on their geographical location. In most cases, the engine already has your business listed in the search engine result pages, but your Google Places page gives you control over what information is presented to people looking for […]